What Is Protein Powder?

Anyone that is into exercise or fitness will have come across protein powders which are a popular nutritional supplement. Protein powders come in many different forms and can be whey, soy or casein protein.

Soy is perfect for vegans but doesn’t taste great, and whey is the most popularly used protein as it is water soluble and contains all of the nine amino acids needed in our diets. It is normally mixed with water and drunk as a shake though protein powders can be taken in many different forms.

image of what is protein powder 1There is a divided opinion on whether protein powder is healthy or not, as we can also get all the benefits they offer just from eating things like meat, fish, chicken and dairy. Taking a powder is just an easier and convenient way of getting high-quality and complete protein into our systems.

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Protein is a very important part of our diet, but many powder options are processed and not always the best option. When looking to use protein powders, there are thousands of different brands on the market and it is essential to find the healthiest and most natural proteins, preferably organic.

Always remember that the powder is a supplement and should never replace a well-balanced diet. Making smoothies or shakes with protein powder is better than just taking it alone; mix it with fruit, vegetables, milk or yoghurt to get more nutrients with your protein.

Protein powders are best used when you are just beginning to work out, are increasing the amount or intensity of your training, looking to build muscle or have an injury. When your body has to work harder than normal, it needs more protein than you usually have. Making a shake that includes protein powder alongside fruit and vegetables can be a great meal replacement for breakfast to start your day, and is also very beneficial post-workout along with carbs.

Protein shakes have become very popular and seem to have become a necessity for an active lifestyle. Although they are beneficial and very convenient, protein powders are not always the best option. Vital nutrients can also be found in whole food sources which will always be the healthier option.

The best diet for a healthy and active lifestyle is a diet of solid and nutritious foods, adding in protein powder supplements when it is convenient and needed.

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