Several Benefits To Jogging

joggingWhen you want to add some excellent health and fitness to your life, it pays to look into starting a jogging or running routine. With this in mind, there are a lot of great benefits that you will be able to enjoy. If you are hesitant to take up this activity for any reason, it is incredibly important that you begin to understand exactly why this can be so beneficial. With this information in mind, read the following advantages of starting a jogging routine, so that you can reap these benefits in your health and in your life.


One of the greatest benefits of starting a running routine is that it has phenomenal cardio benefits. In this day and age, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and heart disease are rampant. It is for this reason that you need to be sure you are getting your cholesterol under control and always taking excellent care of your heart. Running is one of the absolute best things that you can do when it comes to cardio training. You will have a healthy and strong heart and will be in a great position to ward off any sort of heart or cardio system related issues.


Closeup of candle flame.

Closeup of candle flame.

There are also a number of mental benefits that come with jogging and running. This is a highly meditative practice that involves you developing a rhythm with your body. There comes a time in which you will get tired and must push yourself through the workout. It is during this time that you develop high-quality intensity and mental fortitude that cannot be otherwise gained. A lot of people stress the importance of meditation through various mediums, and this is an excellent form of meditation that will allow you to reap the benefits tenfold.


Keeping your weight under control is incredibly important. Whether you just want to look great or have more energy, keeping your weight under control is one of the best ways to go about this. When you develop a running and jogging routine, you will burn plenty of calories and will keep your weight under control for the long haul. This is crucially important and allows you to not worry about developing so many pounds during the holiday season and ebbs and flows of eating. Whether you want to lose weight or just maintain it, this is an excellent form of exercise to participate in.


Developing a great routine is a life tenant that running and jogging can provide. You will notice that these benefits will carry over into many other facets of your life and can also have you explore in other ways to remain healthy and fit. By sticking to this routine, you will develop your discipline and mental fortitude which will allow you to conquer some goals in life that will propel you forward.

Consider these benefits as you develop a running and jogging plan today.

How To Avoid Injuries While Running

Most runners will have met a range of injuries along the way, but for the most part injuries can be completely avoided and are not just a part of running. The majority of injuries are caused by training the wrong way, and just small mistakes can be leading to pain. For a runner, there is nothing worse than spending a long time training and building your fitness only to get injured and have to spend time off resting. The most important factors when it comes to running correctly are warming up, a proper form, the right shoe and a strong body.

image of a women jogging 1Many new runners make the mistake of overdoing it. If you are a new runner, you should prepare your body bit by bit. Start with walking and hiking which will build the muscles and strengthen the joints and tendons needed for running. If these areas are not strengthened, they are more likely to get injured during training.

Do not push yourself too hard in the beginning, your body still needs to build up strength and stamina and always remember to be patient. Think about your body type and how much strain you are putting on your knees and ankles. Overtraining is the biggest cause of injuries so instead of intense, long workouts, build your training plan gradually. This way you can still reach your goals over time without frustration and pain.

Wearing the right shoes is also essential for avoided injury and running comfortably. Shoes that are worn out, without cushioning or the wrong model for your feet and running style can cause injury and intensify existing problems.

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The best option is to visit a specialized running store where you can be fitted for running shoes that suit your body and running style. Try to run on the best surfaces and stay consistent about it. Concrete is the worst surface for running as it is not shock absorbent so try the asphalt, grass or dirt trails.

Warming up before and after training is the main rule for staying injury-free when running. Slowly stretch your core muscles to get them ready for the workout ahead. Stretching after a run is just as important as your body.

It will make you pay if you are lazy about it. If you feel any small twinges or minor injuries, try not to carry on training as the injury will only get worse. Care for the injury no matter how small and the rest before going back to training.

Finally, incorporate some strength training in your routine to build your muscles, strengthen your core and stabilize the body to prevent any future injuries.

Can Women Take a Pre Workout Supplement?

Most people seem to think that workout supplements are only for body building men and women don’t seem to need them. This, however, is certainly not the case, and there are loads of different pre workout supplements made just for women.

Though it is possible for women to take most supplements made for men, it is better to stick to the ones made for women as they will affect the body better during exercise. Pre-exercise supplements are helpful but not essential for a great workout.

image of pre workout for women 1A pre workout supplement can give you the energy to workout and greatly improve your training session. With different physiques, men and women are affected differently during exercise, so it is important that the supplement is increasing the effectiveness of your exercise rather than hindering it.

Most supplements created for women are specially formulated for their bodies and designed to offer a long-lasting workout and fight fatigue as well as increasing the mental focus that pushes the exercise harder.

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If consumed around 40 minutes before exercising the nutrients have time to absorb into the system and give the boost that is needed to have a good workout.

Supplements for women usually have little to no calories, a range of important vitamins, small amounts of creatine and beta-alanine and sometimes iron, caffeine and a range of other key ingredients.

Many women worry about taking creatine because they believe it will cause them to bulk up. A pre workout that contains creatine will not cause¬†women to bulk, per say. Creatine adds water to your muscles, so it may give you a short-term appearance of being bulkier. If you’re not lifting weights then it will have no effect on “bulking” you up.

Depending on the body type and forms of exercise undertaken, there are different supplements with a variation of core ingredients that can be beneficial. The most important thing before taking pre workout supplements is to check the ingredients are high quality. Make sure they are not full of unnatural stimulants.

Recent studies have also shown that pre workout supplements can cause a higher metabolism the next day, as well as improving the training sessions. In my opinion pre, workout supplements for women can be beneficial as long as they are good quality and include the right nutrients, and only if they are used alongside a well-balanced, healthy diet.

Pre workout supplements are better than other supplements that can be taken, as they increase strength, endurance, energy and focus to make sure the most is made from the exercise.

What Is Protein Powder?

Anyone that is into exercise or fitness will have come across protein powders which are a popular nutritional supplement. Protein powders come in many different forms and can be whey, soy or casein protein.

Soy is perfect for vegans but doesn’t taste great, and whey is the most popularly used protein as it is water soluble and contains all of the nine amino acids needed in our diets. It is normally mixed with water and drunk as a shake though protein powders can be taken in many different forms.

image of what is protein powder 1There is a divided opinion on whether protein powder is healthy or not, as we can also get all the benefits they offer just from eating things like meat, fish, chicken and dairy. Taking a powder is just an easier and convenient way of getting high-quality and complete protein into our systems.

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Protein is a very important part of our diet, but many powder options are processed and not always the best option. When looking to use protein powders, there are thousands of different brands on the market and it is essential to find the healthiest and most natural proteins, preferably organic.

Always remember that the powder is a supplement and should never replace a well-balanced diet. Making smoothies or shakes with protein powder is better than just taking it alone; mix it with fruit, vegetables, milk or yoghurt to get more nutrients with your protein.

Protein powders are best used when you are just beginning to work out, are increasing the amount or intensity of your training, looking to build muscle or have an injury. When your body has to work harder than normal, it needs more protein than you usually have. Making a shake that includes protein powder alongside fruit and vegetables can be a great meal replacement for breakfast to start your day, and is also very beneficial post-workout along with carbs.

Protein shakes have become very popular and seem to have become a necessity for an active lifestyle. Although they are beneficial and very convenient, protein powders are not always the best option. Vital nutrients can also be found in whole food sources which will always be the healthier option.

The best diet for a healthy and active lifestyle is a diet of solid and nutritious foods, adding in protein powder supplements when it is convenient and needed.

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