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This blog talks about interesting and random videos from YouTube that I have chosen for your entertainment. I created this blog to review and explain weird and wonderful videos, and now spend my days searching the internet for videos that catch my attention and I hope will interest you.

I feel it’s important to review videos and explain what is going on when it is not easily comprehensible. My aim with this blog is to educate, inform and entertain as well as getting my opinion across.

The Internet is like an endless ocean and for me the best feature the internet offers are the sharing and viewing of videos about anything and everything. I have always been obsessed with watching videos and constantly feel like I have something to say after I have watched them. I can use the blog as a way of conveying my feelings about certain videos.

The viewer then watches it and can form their opinion. My followers love what I have to say and the videos I choose, lots of them even contact me asking for certain video topics.

The amount of random videos we come across in a day is enormous, so I thought I would make a collection of the ones worth watching and write about them. The content on the videos is half factual and informative, and the other half is my opinion. I hope you enjoy!

I hope you enjoy!

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