Are Trampolines Safe For Kids?

There has been a long-term debate over trampolines with experts warning not to have them at home and parents arguing there is no better way for children to enjoy the outdoors while exercising and having fun. Many medical groups have however said that the risk of injury for children and adolescents using trampolines at home is very high, including fractures and head, neck and spine injuries.

image of kids on a trampoline 1In my opinion trampolines are safe as long as children are watched by the parents and aware of the dangers so that they will be careful. The safety nets and padding that come with trampolines can help but do not replace the supervision of an adult. Most people do not set up the safety net enclosures correctly, and this can provide the children with a false sense of protection, so it is important that an adult is there just in case. The trampoline frame,

The trampoline frame, springs and surrounding landing surfaces should be covered by shock absorbing pads for extra protection. If the trampoline has a ladder, remove it when not in use to prevent the kids using it when you are not around or unaware. All equipment should regularly be checked for damage and tears, do not use it until everything is repaired.

It is recommended that kids under 6 do not use larger trampolines, and I agree with this. They are much lighter and have less coordination and balance which could lead to injuries. Most injuries happened from trampolines when there was more than one person jumping.

There should always only be one person at a time on the trampoline otherwise the lightest person has a high risk of injury.

The trampoline should be positioned on a soft, level surface, so it is balanced yet not dangerous on a hard surface. It should be nowhere near trees, fences or other dangerous hazards that are within reach. Children should not try somersaults unless they have been trained to do so and should never jump off the trampoline or climb underneath it.

I think children are completely safe if they are watched over by an adult. It is a great way to spend some quality time in the outdoors having fun together, plus it will tire them out quickly so they will be calmer later on.

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